Progress Report #112

Today I finished the final draft of Chapter 40, which marks the end of the bulk of my story. I have two more chapters, one of which is a brief look at the years following Chapter 40, and another that I’m calling an Afterword—a summing up. But the hard part is over. It’s a very strange feeling to be at this point after having struggled with the material for nearly 12 years. Once I’ve finished 41 and the Afterword I’m going to a print-on-demand company so that I can read it as a bound book. I don’t like reading on a monitor or even on 8 1/2 by 11 manuscript pages. I want to see it as a real book. My main task, I think, will be to look for things I’ve said a few too many times, along with redundancies. So to all those who keep asking me—yes, I am going to finish Street Song. I’m very close now.


7 Responses to “Progress Report #112”

  1. luv2bikecolorado Says:

    Congratulations on your progress, Mark!  I look forward to reading your book when it’s published. Lynn in Denver

  2. Kate Says:

    Very happy and excited for you, and I can’t wait to read it!

  3. Ethan L. Says:

    “Things you’ve said too many times, along with redundancies” is a redundancy ha ha! Maybe you intended that as a bit of a literary joke.

  4. joe Says:

    looking forward to reading it for sure ! Have you considered print on demand for your audience? on the other hand i can see how (especially nowadays) it might easily become a bit of an underground hit, book tour & all 😉

    • markbittner Says:

      My intention is to go through a mainstream publisher. It’s the only way to get decent distribution. I don’t know anybody who’s taken the self-publishing route and been happy about it. I have a good track record–a platform, they call it–from the movie and my first book. We’ll see what happens.

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