Egotism and Freedom

Wayne LaPierre says that gun control advocates hate individual freedom. Like a lot of right wingers, he mistakes egotism for freedom. They are not the same. People who are tied up in egotism are not free. They are slaves to all kinds of paranoia and suffer terribly when it comes time to die. To die gracefully you have to be able to let go of life. An egotist can’t do it. He inevitably finds death a terrifying experience. To be genuinely free requires a tremendous amount of internal work—work that men like Wayne LaPierre refuse to have anything to do with. They are the real slackers.

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4 Responses to “Egotism and Freedom”

  1. Lynn Basile Says:

    Wow, Mark, I jumped a little when I read the last sentence. You are spot on.

  2. joe Says:

    Sooo very true,baruch Spinoza (whom you might be very interested to read, a man very much ahead of his time) mentions Internal freedom, freedom from envy, anger,lust,jealousy,passion,that can absolutely warp reason & understanding of oneself, of one’s true nature.without which one is once again submitted to someone Else’s idea of who or what one is, as much as any king, god,or dictator).
    Are we not constantly being sold an identity, in the shape of a car, t-shirt,gun,social status, without which we are told, we are “less than”,
    can anything be more absurd? 😉

  3. Margaret Benbow Says:

    Egotism. I can’t decide if it’s a deadly gas which people breathe in and which makes them stupid; or toxins peculiar to that person, which build up within and which are released lifelong in abominable amoral flatulence.

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