The World’s Most Powerful Criminal Organization

The Republican Party has turned itself into the world’s most powerful criminal organization—a criminal organization with a vast arsenal of nuclear weapons. It no longer has any ideology. Its former ideology, which was really only ever egotism, got pushed and pushed to the point that it became total selfishness. And naturally enough, one of the biggest, if not the biggest, egotists on the planet came to lead them. None of this can end well. Evil has to suck away the energy of whatever good there is in order to keep going. At some point, the entire edifice collapses. I watched this get started under Reagan. I kept saying to myself, “this has got to be stopped before it gets really dangerous.” But it never was stopped. And now we’re in what almost seems an unbelievable, unreal situation. I say “almost” because I’ve been predicting it for so long. The only thing different from my vision was the ludicrous, buffoonish aspect of the man who came to lead them. I always pictured it being someone more blatantly sinister, like John Bolton or, say, Mike Pence…

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4 Responses to “The World’s Most Powerful Criminal Organization”

  1. rainnnn Says:

    Does the alternative party have an agenda? What does it offer besides insults, accusations, and a promise that the rich will get richer? Open borders? Blocking speech that disagrees? I personally think both main parties are the same and we need a viable third party but most Americans are too busy caring who won the Bachelor’s hand. I used to think the alternate party was enlightened but when it can’t listen to another viewpoint without heckling and even rioting, it’s not. Poop on a street is not a sign of enlightenment in cities led by that alternate party. I don’t have an answer other than both parties have sold out Americans and if you don’t think that’s true look at what the health care plan did for premiums, coverage, and profits for the health care industry. The problem is we don’t have a third party or enough people who care to get one started. And when we had our last election, those of us who voted for the alternate party candidate believed she was corrupt but we did it because of the alternative. Look at what she just said in India to explain her loss that white women are told who to vote for among other insults she tossed out. While the alternate party cheats its way to get its candidates, you seriously want to tell me they are not corrupt and most of those they got elected in DC. One party talks different but look at actions. Third party is the only hope– otherwise its more of the same 😦

    • markbittner Says:

      I have similar thoughts about the alternate party. I aim to post them sometime in the near future.

  2. joe Says:

    I sympathize with one & all, but sadly, lately, crackpottery has definitely gone global, when washington state bans open net fish-farming,legalizes pot,& says it really hopes we block kinder morgan(oil sands) washington? telling canada (& they’re right!!!!!!) that we should get our crap together? i don’t recognize my country either, we used to offer sanctuary to draft dodgers!

    I too have looked long & hard for an (at least) less universally depressing, apocalyptic,suicide-inducing perspective; i offer up 2

    1) david suzuki says (& i believe him) that pretty much no matter what we do, overwhelming chances are, nature,the planet, will survive;(for as long as the sun burns).it will simply take a breather, adapt,& keep on.

    we,(humans) however, may not;nice to know we aren’t the be all & end all of the known universe, just maybe a fragile & deeply flawed species.

    2) the stoics: for as long as there are humans, there will always be a small percentage of scientists, artists,historians,poets,& just people who can’t help but question things; belonging to any of these minorities ain’t always easy or pleasant, but it’s a choice.& if hitler,stalin,franco,or mussolini couldn’t get rid of them nothing can;
    so we’ll always have each other’s company, even if possibly interspersed with periods of loneliness & difficulty.My stoic friends have long suggested that perhaps ever thus has it been.

    so there you go; even if we don’t survive, our mother does,
    & if we do survive, we’ll always have company 😉

    • markbittner Says:

      I have some ideas about where we are. It goes beyond the USA. I hope to write them down here soon.

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