Emma Gonzalez


There isn’t anyone that I hold in higher regard right now than I do Emma Gonzalez. It’s extraordinary how she got pulled so quickly into the national spotlight and how much strength and poise she has shown there. But the very qualities that make her so riveting—her courage and her focus—also put her danger. In this madhouse we live in today the dangers are not simply those who would inflict violence on her if they got the chance, but those who would lead her into traps where she might get compromised, trivialized, or turned into a parody of herself. She’s young and the temptations can be strong. I hope the people around her are looking out for her. I’m rooting for her to be around a long time and to be effective.


4 Responses to “Emma Gonzalez”

  1. Tim Mueller Says:


  2. Kathy Says:

    In the march yesterday, at the end, i saw her pull herself out of the front row and put other, less known people in front of her…one smart cookie. Already showing caution.

  3. joe Says:

    i absolutely applaud emma;but wouldn’t blame her in the least if she chose to leave for, let’s say; scandinavia; Clearly the civil war was never resolved; after kent state a survey revealed 58% of américans felt the live-ammunition-armed soldiers were justified in “defending themselves” —against students with beer bottles 300ft away? Stupid white guys,”god” & guns still in power, I think a great many of us consider it’s flat-out change of guard or bull cookies,no other options,
    & john bolton???? Up here in canada it’s the feds & 1 province (& it’s oil sands Screwing the rest of the country into the wasted ground!) I wish her a safe & happy long life, her country doesn’t deserve her,no more than canada deserved david suzuki or jack layton;a lot of us are just going nuts trying to figure out how to even just Survive this bullshit.as i suspect witnessed by the possibly stunned silence to the events of the last few weeks.God,(or whatever we believe in) help us all.

    • markbittner Says:

      Nothing can go downhill forever. Eventually there’s going to be a turning point. It’s difficult to see when or how exactly. But it will happen. I believe we get one more chance, but that might well be all.

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