Progress Report #116

Question: Now that you’ve finished your book, what’s going to happen?

Answer: Actually, I’m working on it some more…I decided to take one last pass, a final read through before handing it off to my agent. It was a smart decision. I’m cleaning up some bad edits and improving the flow. No heavy lifting, though. It’s done in the sense that there’s no more creating to do. Just pruning. I’m also waiting to hear from some readers to whom I’ve given the manuscript. Street Song is not like any book I’ve ever read and I want to get a sense of how various types of people might respond. After my agent gets the book, I intend to start posting to my blog here with more regularity and in greater depth than I’ve been doing. I have some ideas that are more complex and detailed than what one can put on Facebook, and I want to get into them. By August at the latest.


5 Responses to “Progress Report #116”

  1. Thoma Lile Says:

    I’m looking forward to reading it!

  2. Teresa Zefo Says:

    Thanks for the update. Faithfully waiting for the book. 🙂 It would be good to see you back here blogging more now that you’re almost free once again. The world needs your voice.

  3. rainnnn Says:

    Good luck with it. It takes a lot of editing and you want it to be yours ideally.

  4. joe Says:

    Awesome! I would suggest trust your instinct as per your book’s (or your writing style’s ) uniqueness,(publishers can be merciless,& it takes courage to stick to one’s positions) Can hardly wait to read it!

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