The Christians are Coming, The Christians are Coming

When I was 12 years old I attended, for around a year, a Baptist Church. I was going with the family next-door because I was attracted to their daughter. I went to Sunday School in the early morning and then to the church service in the late morning—all in all, a dismal experience. I don’t remember much except for one Sunday school class. The teacher, a thin, wiry and intense man in his 30s or 40s, with jet black hair and severe glasses, told us boys that if the Russians ever invaded America and started going door-to-door to find out who was Christian, and we denied Jesus to them, we would go to hell. There would be no way of ever overcoming our denial. I can still see his face telling us this. He clearly delighted in what he was doing. And he looked lurid—the way I imagine a child molester does while violating someone. Essentially, that’s what he was doing—violating us. Even though I didn’t know if what he was telling us was true, I could feel that he was doing something horribly wrong. Technically, it was heresy—that is, not spiritually true. Today, that kind of guy is seeking great power. He needs to be resisted and called-out.

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5 Responses to “The Christians are Coming, The Christians are Coming”

  1. rainnnn Says:

    For too many who use fear, this is how they see it needing to be done. It comes from fundamentalism, not love and not truth. Sad actually 😦

  2. joe Says:

    true believers are often evil, every once in a while i meet an honest,open-minded,compassionate one, but they are few & far between, they’re like republicans, incapable of living without “certainties” absolute truths,& dogma no matter what the price.I was raised roman catholic,& am quite well versed in the crimes of that particular outfit, if i may quibble about semantics,”heretic” was a term they used on anyone who had a different version of anything that they felt concerned them,& so the cathars,the “free love christians” were the First victims of the inquisition,(rome’s most serious opposition due to their popularity)) then came any protestants, then any other christians, then the jews, then anyone else,refered to as “pagans”,or non-christian.Heretic was their version of “subversive, or communist”.the term goes back to the midiieval ages.

  3. joe Says:

    Question Authority 😉

    • Lynn Duvall Says:

      For some reason, I couldn’t remember that simple idea the other day, even though I have a button saying that somewhere in my possessions. I came up with “Resist authority,” “rebuke authority,” “reclaim authority” but just couldn’t get it right. Many thanks. :^)

      Lynn Duvall

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