Obamacare struck down by Texas Judge

I find Texas law every bit as unacceptable as Shariah law. I will not live under the rule of these assholes. There is a real need to oppose absolutely the so-called conservatives who are in reality just monstrous egotists. They think they are winning a culture war, but they are really tearing apart the nation. Their ideas are evil, and evil ideas are self-destructive. Fact.


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3 Responses to “Obamacare struck down by Texas Judge”

  1. stiegem Says:

    I’ve been attempting to absolutely oppose this “monstrous” reality for a very long time. Oh for the perceived peaceful days on Telegraph Hill! But it has been going on for a very long time (despite our being unaware, albeit doing “other” important things at the time). As we age, many become more and more aware of the monsters. Especially now. They are so very apparent. Resistance almost feels futile at this point. Awareness is heightened, but physical energy is lowered. Watch what the children will do… if we taught them well!

  2. rainnnn Says:

    I listened to an attorney general on the radio and he said the judge used the law very well in terms of the rules. It should be interesting how this impacts all of us including those of us on Medicare. California is going for health care for all, which means it probably won’t be impacted if it can afford to pay for what it wants. Health care is a huge deal mostly because it’s so much more complex today with many tools that it didn’t have when I was growing up where a doctor could do blood work and a chest x-ray but not much else beyond a shot in the butt for antibiotics. Today all the clinics are like mini-hospitals. The costs are going up and insurance for those not on Medicare, like us, or working for a corporation have been unaffordable (according to my younger friends). Lots to fix and all the dems want is to look at all of Trump’s finances. I keep thinking if the dems, when they had the presidency and the Congress had fixed immigration maybe we’d at least not have that also. I don’t think either party has wanted to fix immigration though.

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