Dumpy Trumpy

Dumpy Trumpy stands firm for his wall
Dumpy Trumpy will have a great fall
All the bling tchotchkes and all the bling trash
Is not gonna stop Wall Street’s epochal crash

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2 Responses to “Dumpy Trumpy”

  1. rainnnn Says:

    Somebody wanted the crash of wall street. Hedge fund guys profit from creating these dives and grandma and grandpa, plus all who saved or had money in them for pensions, panic, get out with losses, and guess who picks up the profit– the George Soros types, who make their fortunes not out of creating a product but out of other people’s money. Sad world and nothing to cheer as this impacts the little guys more than the big ones, which includes most pension funds that are invested.

    • markbittner Says:

      I’ve made several attempts at understanding how this all works, but it never adds up for me. I don’t think they can control it as well as they think they can. It’s going to go wild–like all desires that are not reined in.

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