No Wall

“Something there is that doesn’t love a wall.” Robert Frost.

Trump’s wall is an insane idea, a paranoid idea. I’m fine with keeping the government shut down as long as necessary to bring him to his knees. But if the American people decide they should give him his wall just to put it to rest, woe unto us. He’s a relentless psychopath and has to be stopped somewhere. This is a fine place to do so. The wall is evil.

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8 Responses to “No Wall”

  1. rainnnn Says:

    do you believe in no border?

    • markbittner Says:

      Considering my point of view, that’s like asking a vegetarian whether he prefers beef or pork. I’ll get around to presenting it, but one step at a time.

  2. rainnnn Says:

    How about a border between North and South Korea? More liberals are speaking honestly why they don’t want a wall– it’s to have a borderless society as the UN is evidently advocating.

    You know in history borders were about not having constant wars where the powerful overcame the weak for territory and power. A borderless world would be in constant chaos for laws until one power rose over them all. Revelations speaks to such a world for those who believe in psychic predictions. Not being able to buy or sell without the mark of the Beast sounds a lot more possible in the day of microchips

    • markbittner Says:

      Borders are an hallucination. But I don’t want to get to far ahead in my arguments. What feeds that statement is complex, not a simple bias. In any case, our world of borders is in constant chaos. Much of the US used to be in Mexico until the US decided to move the border through violence. Borders are ego and it is ego that creates violence.

  3. rainnnn Says:

    Since i own a ranch with land where I do not want anyone else grazing their cattle and where if my cattle/sheep range beyond that land,where I’d be in legal jeopardy– borders are real. Those who don’t want them generally want what someone else has ;).

    In the past, people fought for their borders as with Texas, New Mexico, Arizona and California, which you referenced. The French sold some of theirs but also fought wars that they lost– likewise Great Britain. You can buy a border or kill for it.. With a desire for less wars, people tried to work it out at the least after a war, such as the Ottoman Empire, leading to a lot of our current Middle East problems.

    What you are talking about is an idyllic view of utopia which never works for long with humans being as we are. As the saying goes in cattle country– good fences make for good neighbors. When it does not work out that way, the sheriff is called, and I’ve seen that happen too– not with our cattle fortunately.

    One thing about an agricultural life is consequences are clear. Idealism always sounds good but often isn’t how it actually works.

    • markbittner Says:

      “… an idyllic view of utopia which never works for long with humans being as we are.” We need to change. We’re killing ourselves and we need to change.

  4. rainnnn Says:

    We aren’t though and any major change would tear apart the country as we are not in agreement.

    We just got to Tucson after pulling a 25′ trailer with our 4 cats, right through California with its high fuel prices (taxes) and terrible roads. More worrisome though was how dependent we are on trucking for survival. There are so many trucks, and they all drive faster than the speed limit as they hurry to get what can amount to survival into cities. What happens if that breaks down due to massive earthquake or a failure of the internet? How many homes can survive more than a few days?

    We made a lot of bad choices and many seem insurmountable to change. The country itself is hiding its head in the sand– on both sides with a ton of issues like even defense. Liberals want to think we can do with less military and they ignore what is happening in China and Russia, not even counting the Middle East. It seems a difficult time to change any of it where most know more about who won some reality show and have no idea what the government is even doing.

    IF the left gets a middle class life for all around the world, how does that work out in terms of global climate change. Everybody wants it but what will that do to resources? I am sure you’ve read what soybean growing is doing to Argentina. Those who think vegetarianism ignore what happens with it needed for more land and water. It’s not encouraging for the future.

    • markbittner Says:

      Don’t know where even to begin here. I have to eek out my ideas in the posts. I’ll address your questions there. But I do have to say that there is no absolute need for this country to remain in one piece. Truth is what matters, and if some people can’t live by the truth, then they can go their separate, futile ways.

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