The Wall

There has to be a point where the Democrats stop ceding ground to Republicans. The Wall has to be that point. It’s an ugly, hateful idea. There can be no compromise–regardless of the consequences.


9 Responses to “The Wall”

  1. rainnnn Says:

    i wrote a lot here on this but what’s the point? This isn’t a discussion. It’s your opinion. That I disagree is irrelevant to you. Some just call me a racist even though race has nothing to do with this. It’s about laws and obeying them. For those who don’t like our laws, who want anarchy to rework them, then that’s a position that has been taken in history. Did not used to be that way in America but it appears it is getting there. I wonder though if those espousing chaos will actually get what they want from it.

    • markbittner Says:

      It’s not about laws and obeying them. It’s about our stealing resources from other countries, which creates poverty in those other countries, and then trying to block people from coming to the place where the goodies have gone so that they can make a living. We not only steal their resources, but train the apparatus that keeps them oppressed in their own countries. Most people would prefer to stay where they grew up, so long as its tolerable. They’re coming because of a situation we’ve created.

  2. rainnnn Says:

    We or Europeans or anybody with more power. It’s the nature of humans.

    These people though coming up here are being exploited. I would think you see that. They come, some without even Spanish to communicate as they are indigenous, and what happens when they get here? Jobs? Homes? Whose?

    I think this isn’t well thought through from the left. If we had a real barrier and allowed them only to apply for asylum in their own countries, at least two children would still be alive.

    I read one person’s comments that– if they really wanted asylum, why not Brownsville, which is a thousand miles shorter? I think this is a lot more complex and it is about law. The fact that it hasn’t been fair in the past could negate almost all treaties and borders in the world– not bad to a globalist but it will mean more wars and violence until the toughest and meanest takes over and reestablishes borders.

  3. markbittner Says:

    No. It is not the nature of humans. It is the behavior of those who have made a free will decision to be egotists. There is no justification for it.

  4. rainnnn Says:

    If you look at history, it is. Not everybody but those who want power. They take advantage of those who want peace. It doesn’t take much reading of history and not just the US to see how it works. There is a vacuum and some will jump in to profit themselves.To assume all humans want Kumbaya is just now how it works. Too bad it’s not. I don’t know if we have a DNA gene that determines which side we are on.

    • markbittner Says:

      If anybody at all is capable of being peaceful, of knowing peace, then being otherwise is not human nature. Humans can grow. If you want to know about human nature read Buddha or someone like that.

  5. rainnnn Says:

    I have read Lao Tzu, whose thinking is much like Jesus’. I know about Buddhism and actually all religions as at one time, i thought religion was the answer. I no longer believe that. I divide people by caretakers and destroyers and those types can be found in all religions based on what they do.

    Talk is cheap and that’s what I think the left is pouring out regarding the border. The question always is– what is true compassion?

    Raising kids, you know it’s not always doing what they want or what they cry to get. You do what is right for them, as best you know it to be, and hope it will help them live accordingly as they grow.

    To think we can allow in all who want to come is to ignore what it’d do to the poor already here– of all races. Yes, there is a cultural aspect to this but I think even more so, there is a responsible aspect– and that is legal as well as true compassion, which isn’t all kumbaya…

    • markbittner Says:

      Most of my would-be replies to you are going to be in another thread I’m slowly building elsewhere in this blog–in “The Sun Sets in the West.” To answer you now is getting ahead of myself. I’m highly mistrustful of arguments that use “kumbaya” as mockery–as if it makes a real point. All I have to say about the “problem” we have with immigration is that our greed created it. Until we stop being greedy, there is no solution.

  6. rainnnn Says:

    I have some very idyllic minded friends, some who don’t believe evil even exists– hence my saying what I did. It’s as if the US is the only real bad guy and if we stopped (whatever the current stopped is) the world would be fine. It ignores human nature in all its forms

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