The Arrest of Roger Stone

Stone is saying that he won’t testify against Trump, and, for all I know, he might have “practical” reasons not to. But both he and Trump are genuine psychopaths (meaning “total egotists,” unprincipled men for whom their own personal survival is paramount). People like them will throw their own wives and children under the bus before taking any heat themselves. It will be interesting to see how this all goes down.

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11 Responses to “The Arrest of Roger Stone”

  1. rainnnn Says:

    What got me about the arrest (I know little about the man) was what a show it was for liberals, I guess or maybe to scare conservatives. There seemed no reason to go that early in the morning with that many armed men and then to have CNN there to film it. Doesn’t that make you uneasy about who the FBI is?

    It reminds me of Randy Weaver, David Koresh and a couple nobody talks about because they weren’t famous. A doctor’s home was broken into by the gun toting FBI back in the Weaver era where the ATF did most of the gun stuff. The couple were killed– sorry wrong house. There are more stories like that,

    For a while the ATF seemed to quiet down but this FBI hit on Stone’s home was not needed. He’s an old man, they could have asked him to turn himself in as they do others given the level of crimes with which he’s charged– none violent, all the kind of thing they let Hillary walk from. This was way overkill but guess the far left wanted blood. Just lucky that they didn’t get it– this time :(.

    • markbittner Says:

      It’s impossible for me to look at Roger Stone as a “conservative.” He’s a mobster, a man without principles–same as Trump. And the FBI is not a liberal organization, nor is Robert Mueller a liberal. They are both law enforcement. This is how law enforcement typically deals with mobsters.

    • markbittner Says:

      I just read an article which asserts that the reason for the heavy police-type presence was that they were not merely serving an arrest warrant, but also a search warrant. The concern was that he would destroy evidence. They were seen carting away hard drives, etc.

  2. rainnnn Says:

    They aren’t supposed to be partisan but given what they did with Hillary, they clearly are. I know nothing about Stone but just say that how they did this was treating him as if he was a dangerous man and might shoot them. As for Mueller, Comey, Strozk, etc., they are elites. That doesn’t matter much what party they claim. We’ll see how this goes, but the way they went in was ridiculous and only a dyed in the wool hater of Trump and liberal would have seen it as anything a show of intimidation. BTW, my father-in-law, who used to be in law enforcement years ago called them the Federal Bureau of Intimidation (Hoover era). I’d say that suited what they did with Stone, who was released on low bail a few hours later. It was a show. Time will tell whether any of the charges end up with convictions. Like I said, I don’t know anything about him but did read Pelosi’s father’s connection to the Mafia. Guess you know about that.

    • markbittner Says:

      No. I don’t know anything about Pelosi’s father. I don’t pay much attention to her. I’ve always found her too conservative. Stone has long been an intimidater of others, so maybe this is natural karma. And if they’re paying attention, I don’t see how anybody can feel anything other than contempt for Trump.

  3. rainnnn Says:

    For me, this is not about Trump but about the FBI, who let Hillary off for the same things they just accused Stone. I don’t have an opinion on Trump or even Pelosi for that matter. Hate is most destructive to the ones doing the hating. I don’t have time for that but I did read interesting things about Pelosi, possibly how she and her husband got so wealthy

  4. rainnnn Says:

    I got curious about Stone’s background after you called him a mobster. This is what I found — So, a dirty trickster it says but where did you get mobster?

  5. rainnnn Says:

    Yeah, well, maybe a lot of them do. It’s whether they share someone’s political values as to how they are seen. Pelosi certainly operated like a mobster with how she got power and how she wielded it but when she’s on someone’s side, she’s the good guy.

    • markbittner Says:

      You feel pulled toward what’s described usually as the conservative side. I don’t. But I’m not liberal. I’m more like a hippie.

  6. rainnnn Says:

    i did vote for Hillary and that year donated to Bernie in the primary lol. I don’t know if I have a side. I value responsibility and someone who presents plans that they also tell me how it is paid for and how they evaluate its success. Do you know of a party that does that right now? I don’t. They play to our desire to have everything fixed at no cost

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