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My Representative in Government

December 11, 2010

I often read about the supposed kookiness of San Francisco liberals and the evils of Nancy Pelosi. Well, Nancy is my congressperson, and I have some complaints about her myself. Like all the rest of them, she clearly loves power, is accustomed to wielding it, and will compromise the truth to stay where she is. Lots of us do that. Politicians are not really a breed apart. They reflect the character of the people. How did we as a country ever get so far in debt? Good Lord, that’s what Americans do. In any case, I don’t feel any warmth or loyalty toward Nancy. There’s currently only one person in the Federal Government that  I can support with any enthusiasm, and that’s Senator Bernie Sanders (I-Vermont). I consider it unfortunate that he’s not my senator. I’d trade Diane Feinstein (who, as mayor, ruined most of what’s good about San Francisco) for him in a heartbeat. Yesterday in the Senate, for more than eight hours he told the truth about the American economy, and in the mainstream media it was barely noticed. That should tell us where things are really at now in America. A politician, (a senator!), decides to tell the truth and it’s buried. In just a few years, most of what he said will be shown to be true. Watch.