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To repeat myself…

January 14, 2012

I saw a headline in the New York Times today that said:

Religious leaders, Seeking Unity, Back Santorum.

Below the headline was this:

More than 100 conservative Christian leaders voted to support Rick Santorum’s presidential bid.

I believe it’s important for it to be said—over and over again—that the people referred to in the article are not religious leaders. And Rick Santorum is not a religious man. None of them have any understanding whatsoever of what real religion is. Whenever they do encounter it, they denounce it.

In other news, I’m leaving for New York City in the morning. I’ll be spending a week there, working on my book much of the time (there is a short New York section) and exploring during the rest. I’m also giving a talk about the wild parrots of Telegraph Hill—the flock, book, and film—on Long Island, in Babylon, mon. When I get back I start preparing for another trip to Santa Barbara Island. From island to island and back again. An interesting and lucky time.

A Perfect Storm

February 1, 2011

What was intended as a little break from writing and an opportunity to explore New York City has turned into a big setback. I loved the snow in New York, but I spent so much time out in it that I got worn down. Now I have a nasty cold and I can’t write. To make matters worse, Judy flew down to Florida to visit her mother and she’s having trouble getting a flight back home due to an “historic” storm that is just getting started and is expected to last several days. News about the storm is being buried by the news about Egypt, but it’s supposed to affect over 100 million Americans. This winter, New York has been getting hit by one snowstorm after another, and New Yorkers are weary of it. Snow removal is busting the budgets of a lot of cities on the East Coast and the Midwest.

Judy and I were staying in midtown Manhattan, at Park and 38th, just a few blocks down from Grand Central Station and right in between the Empire State Building and the Chrysler Building. Walking down the sidewalks, I was constantly overhearing fragments of businessmen’s conversations. The most interesting one by far involved a guy who worked for an insurance company and who was explaining to his friend that his company has been forced to accept that climate change is real and that they are adjusting their business decisions accordingly. Not knowing much about the subject, I’ve been staying away from it. I’ve read two books, both of which I had trouble understanding. I’ve never had much enthusiasm for science. But I stand openly now with those who say that we’ve got a big mess on our hands and that we’re largely, if not entirely, responsible for it. We’ve been unwisely profligate, and it makes perfect sense that we should have to pay a price for it.