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Progress Report #44

October 6, 2010

I just finished my first pass through Chapter 20. Tomorrow I’ll start going through it again to clean it up. This was an easy one given that much of the material was already developed during the writing of The Wild Parrots of Telegraph Hill. Chapter 20 ends with me being forced out onto the streets to live. Interestingly, after I finished writing for the day I went to look at my e-mail and found something from Praveen Madan, owner of the San Francisco bookstore, Booksmith. His e-mail contained a link to an article he’d written about the homeless situation here in San Francisco. As someone who has lived on the street and has firsthand experience of what goes on out there, it seriously bugs me when I hear people speak with contempt about the homeless, especially when they don’t know the reality. Praveen’s is one of the few genuinely thoughtful and principled articles I’ve ever read by someone who has never been homeless. I recommend it highly. You can read it here.