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My Uncompromising Positions

March 14, 2013

The Republican Party has a bunch of positions that, come hell or high water, it refuses to compromise on. I have some positions like that, too, and I thought I’d list three of them. These are all positions I’ve never backed away from and never will.

  1. Cut military spending drastically. Begin by eliminating all overseas bases.
  2. Raise taxes on the wealthy.
  3. Raise spending for social services, particularly for the poor. Free health care for everybody.

Voting in Republicans

December 7, 2012

I’m fed up with voting for Democrats and getting Republicans. I read that the Obama administration has been having meetings to decide what to do about the states of Washington and Colorado and their legalization of marijuana. I haven’t smoked any pot in around fifteen years, but I think it’s a fine, fine plant. I’ve had some good insights while high that, decades later, I still draw upon. It may seem like a small thing, but I’m at a kind of personal tipping point here. Given that they could choose to simply leave it alone, if they do anything at all, any kind of federal enforcement, then I’m going down to city hall and changing my voter registration away from “Democrat.” Not a big thing, I know, but what else can I do? How much of this bullshit do we have to take?

So, Back to Work.

November 8, 2012

Like a lot of people, I think, I feel more relieved than celebratory after the election. Basically, we’re back at square one, except that the Republicans are pretty much in a situation where they have to abandon their tactics of confrontation and obstruction. They failed in their bid to destroy Obama, to make him a one-term president. I don’t think most people want another four years of their intransigence. The one aspect of the election that cheers me is the very real possibility that the Republican strategy of depending on the angry white male voter has finally reached a dead end. This is a common theme in all the commentary I’ve been reading. It all began back in 1968 with Nixon’s “Southern Strategy,” a transparently, if not openly, racist approach. They’ve been tweaking it ever since. But it may finally be dead, dead, dead. Thank God! (Demographically speaking, I am a white male, a taxpaying, home-owning WASP. But I’m not angry.)

In the last two or three weeks I’ve been distracted by the election. Now I can get back to work in earnest. I haven’t done any final-draft level writing in ten years. It feels good to be back in the saddle. I’m satisfied with how it’s going.

An addendum a few hours after posting: No one knows really knows which way the wind will blow, but the Republicans are actually talking intransigence. For them it’s apparently got to be either victory or self-immolation.

If Jesus Were Alive Today

August 1, 2011

If Jesus were alive today, saying what he said before, and if he had a following, the Republicans would be furiously agitating against him, raising violent passions against him, vilifying his “anti-American” philosophy, and seeing that he was placed in the same kind of danger that Martin Luther King found himself in. If he had no following, they would merely smirk and mock him.

The Nature of Evil

January 23, 2010

Ever since leaving home at the age of seventeen, I have lived in—have grown up in—what you could call, I guess, a left wing-bohemian milieu. Most people I’ve known in that environment don’t like to use the word “evil.” They don’t believe in evil. But if you point to something that is clearly evil—a government massacre or something like that—they will cop to its existence. The reason most of us don’t like to use the word is because it tends to be owned by right-wingers and evangelists, who often have bizarre notions of what constitutes evil. One thing that I know is evil is egotism.  Yet a lot of people nowadays see egotism as a virtue. Ayn Rand considered it such. The Reagan Revolution was founded on the idea that selfishness and greed are virtues. It was really just the door being opened for egotists to have a free hand. Whether it was my country, my city, my football team, my family, or me, the Reagan revolution said that you are supposed to look out for Number One. They even considered it a moral stance. That’s what I call a biological idea of morality. And it’s not moral at all. To be moral is to restrain your own desires and to safeguard and promote the common good. To deny the truth of that, which is as old as the hills, is really a form of insanity. We are now a nation—with globalization, a world—of hardened, angry egotists. I see the situation growing constantly worse. The egotists are driving the car and the rest of us are their helpless passengers. If we don’t stop them, the car will eventually go over the cliff—which will put an end to their trip, but a lot of innocent people will be harmed in the event. They’re already being harmed.

The Republican Party’s Idea of Freedom

January 7, 2010

Stephen Gaskin once said something along the lines of, “When the Republicans talk about freedom, what they’re talking about is the freedom to loot the ship.” He said that shortly after Reagan became president, and it stayed in my mind. I return to it over and over as I see, after nearly thirty years of damage, just how accurate his description was.


December 1, 2009

The news of Obama’s plans to escalate the war in Afghanistan is disappointing and demoralizing. We never learn. Liberals wanting to show that they can be as “tough” as Republicans? It’s a stupid, ruinous game. The Taliban is a small, poor, rag-tag crew, thousands of miles away. The effort to make them appear a grave threat is childish. I have never felt my freedom and well-being threatened by any political organization as much as I did by the last Republican administration. They were as crazy as the Taliban, but they had real power and the will to use it.

More on Politics and Religion

November 7, 2009

Jesus said you cannot love both God and mammon, for you will inevitably hate one and love the other. “God” does not mean some white-bearded dude up in the sky. “God” means truth, integrity, justice, and compassion. Mammon means money and fame. The trouble with the Democrats is that they attempt to love both, so they’re always in turmoil and confusion. The Republicans confine their love to mammon—to mammon alone. That’s why they’re able to be so disciplined. But it’s the path to ruin.

Obama and the Nobel Peace Prize

October 9, 2009

I was surprised and somewhat amused to see the news this morning. While I understood the impulse to give it to him, I didn’t see him as truly deserving it. Now I’m rethinking. Who has been, in fact, the greatest threat to world peace in recent years? The American neocons. They had both a demented world view and the military power to try to implement it. It was Obama who took them on and derailed them. And of course the Republican Right is enraged over the awarding of the prize. They know why he was awarded it. The inference is that they are a dangerous lot, enemies of peace—which they are.

Messin’ with Texas

May 28, 2009

I happened upon some of the 2008 Texas State GOP platform: abolish the IRS, repeal the minimum wage, privatize Social Security, end the corporate income tax, mandate “American English” as the nation’s official language, evict the UN from U.S. soil, and “dispel the myth” of a constitutional separation of church and state.

As you can see, they’re big on privatization. I wonder if they’d be interested in privatizing the Alamo? Put in a Taco Bell and some condominiums. Pulverize the place and sell the bits. They are said to have deeply held principles. They might just go for it.