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Obamacare struck down by Texas Judge

December 14, 2018

I find Texas law every bit as unacceptable as Shariah law. I will not live under the rule of these assholes. There is a real need to oppose absolutely the so-called conservatives who are in reality just monstrous egotists. They think they are winning a culture war, but they are really tearing apart the nation. Their ideas are evil, and evil ideas are self-destructive. Fact.


Messin’ with Texas

May 28, 2009

I happened upon some of the 2008 Texas State GOP platform: abolish the IRS, repeal the minimum wage, privatize Social Security, end the corporate income tax, mandate “American English” as the nation’s official language, evict the UN from U.S. soil, and “dispel the myth” of a constitutional separation of church and state.

As you can see, they’re big on privatization. I wonder if they’d be interested in privatizing the Alamo? Put in a Taco Bell and some condominiums. Pulverize the place and sell the bits. They are said to have deeply held principles. They might just go for it.