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Last Night I Had A Dream

May 30, 2012

Obama had made some announcement or proclamation that wasn’t all that extreme or radical, but the Tea Party types (older white people) went ballistic, declaring it the last straw. Fighting broke out all across the land—fist fights, not guns. I remember witnessing a brawl among customers in a fast food place—some chain. While passing through a school cafeteria, I saw a cook, an older white woman, weeping and packing up her pots and pans. She could no longer do her job under this president. A little later I was in a big gymnasium-type building and there were fights happening all across the floor. High up on the walls near the roof was a long row of windows with heavy maroon curtains. A man I recognized as the leader of a national taxpayers association (a dream character, not someone identifiable in reality) was throwing flaming objects up at the curtains, trying to ignite them. I was outraged because he was always trying to pass himself off in the media as a responsible man, an adult among children, a true patriot, and so on. I thought, “What a fraud!” I became so angry that I knocked him to the ground and started pummeling his face, trying to shatter his cheekbones (completely out of character; I’ve never been in a fight in my life). As I beat him I kept shouting “You’re a fraud and a phony!” He laughed and laughed, exulting, “Yes! But I’m having such a fun time!”

A Negative Time

April 19, 2011

Lately, I’ve been unable to write anything here. When I look at the news, I feel nothing but dismay. I’ve had the beginning for dozens of posts. But before I can begin to write, I see another appalling story that blows away the previous idea. Actually, I’d much rather be writing about things that I find beautiful and intriguing. But we live in such a negative time that it’s hard to ignore it. The Republicans and the Tea Party folks are on a tear. Yet, the more they get of what they want, the angrier they become. I’ve been noticing this about the right wing (or whatever you want to call it) ever since the fall of the Soviet Union. It didn’t make them happy at all. They just got crazier. But then, what they want doesn’t bring happiness. Perhaps that’s why they get so angry. When what they think will make them happy doesn’t make them happy, it pisses them off.

Anyway, I’ll get back to posting here soon enough. I’ve been trying to avoid the news the last few days. I’ve mostly been working on the final outline for the book, and it’s going well. It’s an unquestionably strange story. As I work on it—even though I lived it—there are times when I have to shake my head. I’m not the kind of writer who makes stuff up for the sake of a story. Except for some necessary compression, it will all be true.